Asset Finance

Whether you need a vehicle, boat, bike or any other asset, we can assist in making your dreams come true. Our dedicated team of sales professionals will ensure you get the best possible finance package in the fastest possible time.
If you already have a vehicle financed, we can assist with a refinancing package at a more favorable interest rate!

Debt Consolidation Loans

We understand the pressures everyday New Zealanders are under.
If you owe money on personal loans, car loans, credit cards or store purchases, we can help package everything into one, easy monthly repayment with a lower interest rate.
Take control of your finances today.

Everyday Personal Loans

Looking to renovate the house, pay for a wedding or go on that long overdue vacation?
Sometimes there is simply not time to save for the things you really want.
At Sterling Finance we can assist you with a personal loan that not only suits your pocket but makes your dreams a reality, TODAY.